As a taxpayer advocate whose talked to residents across the county, most are in the dark about assessments, government spending and taxes. They don’t think they’re being treated fairly.

I will circulate a petition as I walk the neighborhoods up to the November election requesting: Assessment Fairness, Review Fairness and Budget Transparency. The petition will be delivered to the Lake County Board after the election. If you have questions, contact me at either or 847.223.9814.

Here’s what I am calling upon the county board and township assessors to enact:

* Assessment Fairness. We have a right to know if our assessment and equalizer are fair and uniform. How is it calculated? How does our assessment compare to similar, local properties?

* Review Fairness. We have a right to a fair review of our assessments. We need a complete, independent evaluation of how the Board of Review handles appeals in light of a recent lawsuit against the Chief County Assessor.

* Budget Transparency. We have a right to know how the county is spending all of our tax dollars. That means explaining every line item in the county budget as well as expenditures on administration and total litigation costs.

We need to be fully informed taxpayers and need to know if we’re being treated fairly. That means complete transparency and accountability. No excuses.

Consider sharing this petition with other taxpayers because We Want to Make Lake County Work for Us!

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